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It's almost summer vacation and Maggie Bennett should be looking forward to lazy days in the sun with friends and getting to know would-be boyfriend, Alex Riley, the local high school heartthrob. Instead she's heading to some dot-on-the-map town called Fish Creek, Wisconsin. Three hundred miles from home with her parents and younger brother is NOT how she wanted spend the summer before senior year. 

But when a chance meeting with a local shop owner reveals an unimaginable connection to Maggie's past, including a long-lost aunt and the reason Maggie's birth name is 'Magic' she discovers Door County has much more in store for her than boating and campfires.

Maggie is tempted by this world she never knew existed; with magic spells, ghostly messages and Keller, a handsome young charmer with a few secrets of his own.   

Before summer's end, she'll be faced with a daunting decision: explore her newfound destiny as a natural witch, or go back to the uncomplicated life she knows and loves, leaving magic behind forever.  Adding to her fray; if she doesn't decide soon, the powers she never knew she had will disappear before she ever learns to use them. 

Can Maggie have a life that includes both the craft and her old life?  Learn magic from a teacher who's  300 miles away?  All while keeping her new talents hidden from the people who mean the most to her?  

Maybe, if she learns to believe in the path - and the people - she's been bound to all along. 

Literary AGENT

While I self published Little Fish, and that worked really well for me at the time, I'm pursuing a more traditional route to press with this series.  It's not easy, but I continually remind myself dreams worth reaching rarely are. 


I attended my first writer conference at UW-Madison Writers Institute.  I learned SO much about the business of publishing, made
some fantastic new author friends and had a few successful pitches, too.


There are agents considering my work as we speak!!


(No, I'm not feeling anxious, why do you ask?)


... a series with Witches! 

(show of hands, who loves witches?)


I  know, everybody right?? Everybody


Believing in Magic is a fun, light young-adult story about finding your own path, amid the bonds we make versus those we're born into. Young love, secrets handed down through generations and magic where you least expect it, will keep you turning the pages!  


Currently, it's a planned series of six, but it might end up being only be four.

Or it maybe five.

Or..  maybe four.  

So you can see, I'm still working on it.  The first book is complete and I've started really shopping it (trying to get it published). 


What that translates to is my current efforts being part writing, part plotting, part promoting and part trying secure representation by an agent. In other words, I'm never bored!  :)

Believing  in Magic


Spoiler Warning!

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Are you wondering... which kind of witches?


Think... Practical Magic or

The Craft ~


not Harry Potter,

Hocus Pocus

or Sabrina.

(For  the record though, I LOVE Harry Potter, Hocus Pocus and Sabrina!)

Book 2 - Believing in Magic; Ties that Bind


The second book in the Believing in Magic series; Ties that Bind (tentative) is still in its early stages of writing. So far I've written a couple key scenes, but mostly more plotting! (yes, I know it looks like lolligagging, but it's plotting. :)


The plan is to get some chapters out of my head and onto paper soon...