I promise to update this section soon, in the meantime feel free to read this newly released article released (4/23/16) in the Beaver Dam Daily Citizen written by Amanda Lutey, link here: 




And/or read this outdated bio (outdated, yet still accurate.)

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Thirty something, midwest mom, girly-girl tomboy with a creative soul who loves to laugh! (Wait - does that sounds too much like a dating site bio?!? Haha) Strong willed, sometimes a little too independent, writer of young adult and women's lit fiction. I write because it seems to be how my brain works. I've always written, always known I wanted to write and know I always will write.



A few of my favorite things (besides writing, of course)? Football and fireplaces, all things Halloween - with a particular affinity for witches. Bloody mary Sundays and puns (I'm easily amused). I love the beach, the lake, the pool... anyplace I can swim, I love the weather when it's hot, hot, hot - but Autumn makes me most creative. I always believe that the best is yet to come.

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