"An amazing story.  It takes you on a roller coaster ride of


"Outstanding"     "...gripped me from page one to the end."

 "I loved this book.  I couldn't put it down." 


"Page Turner.  Best book I have read in a while."                     


  "Real and Relatable"

What people are saying about Shelli Manning's debut novel,

Little Fish...

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Little Fish


When seventeen year old Tate Parker moves to Louisville, Kentucky – five hundred miles away from home – to be with charming southern bad boy Eric Sheppard, she pegs their coincidental meeting and his invite as fate offering her the chance to leave behind the one-horse town she despises – ultimately the key to her independence. As the reality of her new life sinks in, she feels anything but free. Eric drags Tate down a painful path that leaves her emotionally confused and physically battered. Blow by blow her confidence is obliterated as she feels the humiliation of trading dignity for dysfunctional love, leaving her too scared and broken to walk away. A dramatic series of events eventually gives her the will to fight, and as she struggles step by step to reclaim her own life and escape her abuser. She has no idea that in the end, she will be the one to break a cycle of violence that has spanned generations or that the lesson she learns about strength could very well inspire others to discover their own. ***Based on a true story.

Please be sure to check out my Victim to Victor page to see how Little Fish has become the foundation for my advocacy work againt Domestic Violence (DV), how I'm using my experiences to help others and links for those who need assistance, as well for those who can provide assistance. Also, on my bio page is a link to an article about my efforts, written by Amanda Lutey of the Beaver Dam Daily Citizen. It's through sharing stories and making Domestic Violence awareness front page news that we empower other victims to become victors.